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Oblivion (Drum Kit) WAV




Oblivion (Drum Kit) Hey guys, Today I'm sharing with you my first kit on Splice, based around samples from Deep Dubstep. The drums in this pack have been recorded in a warehouse, all the sounds are sampled from one shot. So if you like what you hear and want to use them in your tracks, you can buy the drums and other sounds in the pack as a loop. This pack includes: * 11 pre made kits (909 total BPM) * 2 drum shots * 5 basses * 10 synth shots * 6 FX The kick / snare and all the other drums in the pack have been recorded in a couple of different environments. You'll hear sounds from an urban street in the end, and a natural environment at the beginning. The samples were recorded in 96k at 24bit. All the sounds in the pack can be adjusted in the sampler. The basses have their own EQ and you can even change the pitch. Download the pack for free and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening :) Follow me: Facebook Spotify SoundCloud how to get stacktrace from nant? We are using nant and nantcontrib to build our code. It's working fine but we are curious about how to get the stacktrace for failed tasks? I have tried a few options like placing a trace inside the call to execute but it doesn't work. Any ideas how to get a stacktrace with nant? A: Try using the NUnit TraceListener. A: Use NantTrace to get the current stack trace.




Oblivion (Drum Kit) WAV

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